11+ Entry Exam information

Bexley Council

The test covers verbal ability and English comprehension, numerical reasoning and nonverbal reasoning.

There are two test papers, with a mixture of questions in each. Each test paper contains approximately 50 minutes of questions, plus some time for instructions and examples. Each test will be divided into sections. The test papers are multiple choice, with the exception of some mathematics questions where one answer must be calculated by the child. The total score is weighted, by adding 50% of the verbal ability score, 25% of the numerical ability score and 25% of the non-verbal ability score. The mean (average) total weighted age-standardised score is 200; approximately two-thirds of candidates will achieve a score within the range of 170 – 230.

St. Olave's Grammar School for Boys

School offers 124 places for boys only. The test divided in to two Stages. Stage one is the School’s Selective Eligibility Test covers English comprehension, mathematics and logic (verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning). All questions are multiple choice.

Stage two is an hour and covers English comprehension in multiple choice format and a creative writing exercise/essay. Both sections are weighted with equal marks.

Newstead Wood School for Girls

School offers 160 places. The test covers Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning, both multiple choice format. Places are allocated according to highest score. In the event of a tie, candidates will be ranked according to their non-verbal reasoning score, and if there is still a tie, then according to the highest score in the later sections of the nonverbal reasoning paper.

Kent Grammar Schools

Kent is the largest remaining grammar school area in the country, with 35 wholly selective grammar schools and four partially selective schools. The Kent test involves 2 papers multiple choice format, with a separate answer sheet.

The first test will be an English and mathematics paper, 1 hour long, split into two sections. The first section is English and the second section is mathematics. Each section has a 5 minute practice exercise and 25 minute test.

The second test is a reasoning paper which has three sections, verbal reasoning, non-verbal and spatial reasoning. The verbal reasoning section consists of a 10 minute practice test and a 20 minute test. The non-verbal and spatial reasoning sections are divided into smaller timed subtests taking 4-5 minutes each.

There is a writing exercise of 40 minutes which includes 10 minutes of planning time. This will only be marked when looking at borderline cases and in appeals.