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Year 4 & 5 Maths Tuition

Welcome to our KS2 online tuition! Our excellent tutors are all degree educated and committed to helping your child reach their potential. Maths is a crucial skill we all need, no matter our age. It is one of the few subjects that teach us foundational skills needed to operate in society. KLC offers comprehensive KS2 Maths tuition that allows your child to start master their skills early.

What is covered is KLC KS2 Maths tuition?

KLC KS2 Maths tuition is in line with the national curriculum which supports what your child is doing at school. Our tutors work to improve your child’s weakest areas by providing personalised tuition and feedback.

The topics covered include:

Number & place value

Addition & subtraction

Multiplication & division





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Advantages of KLC Tuition

Your child will benefit from learning in a safe and encouraging environment. Our tutors make Maths fun which motives children to learn. Acquiring these skills early will put your child on a positive trajectory for future academic and employment success!

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