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Kidbrooke Learning Centre is the best tuition centre in the area, born out of the
desire to support families in the local community. We help learners fulfil their
potential and build confidence.


We are a family run tuition centre established in 1994 with the aim to provide a supportive learning environment to help local children reach their full potential.

Founder | Kidbrooke Learning Centre

KLC was established in 1993 to guide children in South East London through their 11+ preparation for Kent Grammar Schools. Since then, we have helped a significant number of children aged 7 years old to 16 years old (Year 3 to GCSE) to achieve their full potential.

We want every child to do their very best in school and our centre is the best possible support for your child’s educational journey.

Our goal is to build confidence among children who are striving to learn.

About us


We carefully select teachers of the highest caliber to provide our students
with the additional support they require to improve their performance both in school and in examinations. All our teachers are fully qualified and currently working in schools.

Year 3

In year 3 children will learn mathematics and English and an introduction to verbal reasoning & non verbal reasoning. In mathematics and English children will focus on consolidating basic number skills

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Year 4

In addition to the year 3 syllabus, children in year 4 will learn mathematics and English (including comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar), verbal reasoning & non verbal reasoning

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Year 5

In year 5 children will learn mathematics and English (comprehension, spelling, punctuation, and grammar), verbal reasoning & non verbal reasoning and exam techniques.

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Year 6

In Year 6 children will be prepared for Key Stage 2 SATs and follow the national curriculum of learning set down by the government. Children are assessed weekly

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Year 7-9

Our aim in years 7 to 9 is to give all children access to a wide and balanced curriculum which will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to develop

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Year 10-11(GCSE)

Children in year 10 and 11 study for GCSEs in mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This means they have sufficient time to cover the content

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Our courses

We offer small group classes for children from year 3 to year 11 that support and extend their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. We tailor our classes to meet the needs of the children and provide them with the examination skills to increase their confidence and achievement.


Kidbrooke Learning Centre helped my daughter to hone her skills in all required subjects and build her confidence. She passed all her grammar schools' entrance exams (Kent, Sutton, Medway, Bexley, Newstead Wood) and independent schools.

So many thanks for your contribution to her success.

Kidbrooke Learning Centre

Pratap and Preeti



Both my daughters attend this booster school. Both are top of their classes. One of my daughters scored Top ‘180’ in the Bexley selection tests and was guaranteed a place at any of the Bexley Grammar schools. The summer school that prepares the year 5s for the 11+ exams are thorough. The classes are structured and the teachers are experienced.

Attending Kidbrooke learning centre made a big difference to my daughters’ education. It is worth the hassle of getting them there on a Friday evening. Try it! Happy parent!

Kidbrooke Learning Centre

Jacqueline Takpimivbiomo



KLC played a key role for both of my daughters to pass the 11+ and get in to the grammar school they wanted during the year Y2014 and Y2018. The Friday class and eventually the coaching provided by KLC motivated them to plan, study and manage the time during the exams to crack these exams successfully. I would strongly recommend KLC for those who aspire to clear 11+ and similar exams for a place in grammar and private schools.

Kidbrooke Learning Centre

Sam N Koilmani



I am glad to share my son Vivaan Parekh's secondary school outcome at Kidbrooke Learning Center. He has been offered a place in Wilson's Grammar School (Sutton).

Thank you for your support throughout his 11plus journey.

Kidbrooke Learning Centre




We will work together to ensure your child gains skills that will last a lifetime and lay a strong foundation for the rest of their academic journey.

Unique Learning Experience

Unique learning experience

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Academic Performance & Confidence

Academic performance & confidence

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