Lockdown Learning Sorted

One of the hardest things about lockdown is the closing of schools. The current state of the world has added immense stress to parents and caregivers. Many are adjusting to working from home while juggling the pressures of overseeing the home learning of their children. Overnight, parents everywhere have become a home school teachers and this is no easy feat.

Fortunately though, in this digital age, there are many outlets that support parents and caregivers with their new home school teaching responsibility.  It is possible to maintain and even improve your child’s English learning from home.


Do not underestimate the benefits reading has on your child’s development in English. You can use audiobooks on YouTube or download eBooks for the Kindle app for as little as 50p. Reading will improve your child’s spelling, vocabulary, and understanding of characters and plots.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is a fantastic educational tool filled with endless interactive activities. Children can play games that test their comprehension skills while bringing that element of fun to learning. They are providing daily lessons for children during this lockdown period so make use of this amazing resource.

Dictionaries and Thesauruses

In the absence of teachers and regular structured lessons, it can be hard to understand and explain the meanings of certain words to your children. A lot of children are working independently which means it is necessary to have a dictionary at the ready in case they come across a new challenging word. Thesauruses are also handy because they encourage children to use a broad range of words which improves their vocabulary. If you don’t have physical copies online resources are available.

Get Creative

Do not neglect the creative side of English. Allow your children to create storyboards write stories and poems and even act out scenes from plays they have been assigned from school. This breaks up the monotony of working on a screen all day. It is enjoyable and also consolidates their understanding.

This uncertain time calls for a massive adjustment to our daily routines. Though it may be difficult it is not impossible. This time can be used to build a deeper bond with your children while supporting them in their education.