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Non-Verbal Reasoning: Online Tuition

More secondary schools across London are using non-verbal reasoning tests as part of their admission process than ever before. It is especially important for pupils with ambitions of taking the 11+ exam and attending a grammar school. Learning this skill in year 4 and 5 will improve your child’s academic prospects. You may have heard of non-verbal reasoning but what exactly is non-verbal reasoning?

What is non-verbal reasoning?

The NVR tests are made up of a series of multiple-choice questions. They involve solving problems usually presented in shape, picture or diagram form. The focus is on visual clues rather than words which make it non-verbal. The reasoning part relates to your child’s ability to find the correct answer. Non-verbal reasoning exams are used to test a variety of skills that are not limited to words. They are said to show a child’s general intelligence and ability level outside of conventional Maths or English skills.

What is covered in KLC Non-Verbal Reasoning Tuition?

Our experienced tutors will guide your children in learning all types of questions covered in the non-verbal reasoning 11+ exams.

This includes:

Identifying which shape is the odd shape out.

Rotations and symmetry.

Finding two identical shapes in a series.

Working out cube nets and how shapes will look when folded.

Mirror images and reflections.

Working out which diagram comes next in a sequence.

Pattern changes

Covering the various questions is not enough to help your child master non-verbal reasoning. For exam success they will also help with time management. KLC tutors are committed to teach pupils the time management skills they need to succeed in the non-verbal reasoning exams.

Why KLC Tuition?

Our tutors deliver effective tuition tailored to your child’s personal needs. They will receive personalised feedback on their work and will have the opportunity to achieve their potential in a motivating and engaging environment.

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Advantages of KLC Tuition

Your child will benefit from learning in a safe and encouraging environment. Our tutors make Maths fun which motives children to learn. Acquiring these skills early will put your child on a positive trajectory for future academic and employment success!

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