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Verbal reasoning is a crucial part of the 11+ exams. Unlike conventional subjects, verbal reasoning evaluates a child’s problem solving skills through a range of questions. Though it is part of the entry criterion of all grammar schools verbal reasoning is not taught in most primary schools. KLC tuition can give your child the help they need.

What exactly is Verbal Reasoning?

Verbal reasoning (VR) is the ability to understand and reason concepts expressed through language. It is a test of a skill rather than a test of learned knowledge like Maths and English. Verbal reasoning evaluates our ability to take meaning and information from text, and to think constructively and logically. VR is about how you think with language instead of just recognising vocabulary. The subject is used to evaluate a child’s critical thinking and problem solving. Though it is part of the entry criterion of all grammar schools verbal reasoning is not taught in most primary schools.

What is covered in KLC Verbal Reasoning Tuition?

A variety of different types of questions are asked in a verbal reasoning exam. All of these are covered in KLC Verbal Reasoning Tuition to give your child the best skills.

Some examples are:

Spotting letter sequences

Cracking codes based on letters and numbers

Following written instructions

Spotting words within words

Finding a letter to complete two other words

Finding one letter that will complete two words

Finding a word hidden inside another word

Spotting the odd ones out in a list of words

Finding antonyms and synonyms

As well as having a clear understanding of the topics above, pupils must have a wide vocabulary to succeed in a Verbal Reasoning exam. Studies show that children who are widely read are more likely to do well in Verbal Reasoning tests. KLC tutors include reading and spelling tests in lessons to ensure that children have a good grasp of these skills.

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Advantages of KLC Tuition

Your child will benefit from learning in a safe and encouraging environment. Our tutors make Maths fun which motives children to learn. Acquiring these skills early will put your child on a positive trajectory for future academic and employment success!

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