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RE Teacher suspended and threatened for showing images of Prophet Muhammad, DfE speaks out against threats Protests have ensued after RE teacher was suspended for allegedly showing his class an offensive cartoon. The protest was deemed ‘completely unacceptable’ by the DfE. On the morning of Thursday 25th of March, outraged parents banded together to protest […]

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The Secret to Understanding Poetry

Studying poetry can be like trying to understand a foreign language. The words, concepts and structure are often a minefield. Some of them rhyme, some of them don’t. Some are long, others are short. Some are written in modern English, some aren’t.  They all seem to use various methods like similes and metaphors and enjambment. […]

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The Education Secretary Confirms GCSEs and A-levels 2021 Scrapped: What You Should Do Next.

The government has decided to cancel GCSEs and A-levels for the second year running. Although they insisted that exams would definitely go ahead in England, the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson confirmed they will be replaced by assessed teacher grades. Teachers, parents and pupils in England were left dubious after the GCSE and A-level cancellation in […]

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