How Avoid Disappointment On Results Day

The 2020 A-level and GCSE results day was the first of its kind. 2020 marked the first cancellation of the exams in over three decades and left many pupils disappointed.

The government’s decision to base the grades on mock results and teacher discretion meant a lot of students who did not apply themselves in their mock exams never got to prove themselves in the real thing. The real thing never happened. The infamous “it’s just the mocks, I’ll do better in the real exam” mind-set has resulted in tears, disappointment, and lost university and sixth form places nationwide. The UK’s official exam regulator, Ofqual, saw that an alarming 39% of predicted grades were lowered. This was the difference between a pass or a fail for countless pupils.

This year’s results day served as a major wakeup call for everyone in education. It magnified the importance of preparation, hard work, and applying yourself in all that you do. Year 10 and 12 pupils entering their final year in September is in a great position because they have the privilege of learning from the mistakes of others. Though going back to school may feel uncertain and strange the prospect of achieving amazing results is still possible. It’s just to take some work.

Here are some tips from KLC tutors:

  1. Be Proactive 

The once super hands-on approach to teaching will have to change in more ways than one. The COVID-19 regulations in schools teachers may not be able to the physical presence in teaching in the same way they used to be. There will be more reliance on remote learning and online resources so being proactive with your learning will be essential. Start building your independent learning skills now.

  1. Prepare for Exams

This tip may seem like a no brainer but judging from the results, countless pupils fail to do this. The classic Benjamin Franklin “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” quote rings true every time. Preparation for exams must be an intentional structured process not a last-minute cramming session. It requires understanding how the exam is graded as well as acquiring the knowledge needed to answer the questions. Do not wait till the night before to pick up a book.

  1. Stay Calm

The pressure to do well can be overwhelming. We can’t escape the reality of exams – they are stressful. But this does not mean they should run you into an early grave. Managing stress is essential for performing your best. What sense does it make to inundate yourself with exam stress just for it to backfire on you when it comes to the real thing? Prioritize studying but never neglect recreation time.

-Taiwo Bali