The Importance Of Digital Literacy

The digital world has greatly impacted most of our lives. The global pandemic has made us more dependent on our electronics than ever before. In the past many thought hours of screen time was synonymous with wasting time. Now we are forced to work and learn from screens on a daily basis. Digital Literacy has never been so important.

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Lockdown Learning Sorted

One of the hardest things about lockdown is the closing of schools. The current state of the world has added immense stress to parents and caregivers. Many are adjusting to working from home while juggling the pressures of overseeing the home learning of their children. Overnight, parents everywhere have become a home school teachers and […]

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GCSE English: How To Memorise Quotes

Memorising quotes for a closed book exam is daunting. I’m sure you have a book full of underlined quotes and the thought of remembering all of them is incredibly intimidating. It is difficult to know which are the most important and how to memorise all of them. Fortunately for most students,

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